Shark School Education

The Micronesian Shark Foundation Shark Education Program is conducted in Palau jointly with the Palau Conservation Society's “Ridge to Reef” school program.

Cooperation has been attempted with schools in Guam, Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei. The Ridge to Reef program and it’s equivalents throughout Micronesia is open to all 5th graders.

At the end of each program, a team of two from the Foundation talk with the students about the importance of sharks to our ecosystem. Tim, the Shark Ranger, conducts the presentation while Finny the funny shark, attired with a shark costume dances, hugs and shakes hands with the students. Most importantly, Finny brings huge smiles to the children's faces and a recognition that sharks are an important and vital part of the ecosystem and reefs.

Our Micronesian Shark Foundation Team Finny the funny Shark and Tim the Shark Ranger have been to several schools throughout Micronesia and children have been very impressed by their performance and message. Micronesian Shark Foundation has organized painting competitions in visited schools and awarded winners with prizes. To leave a deeper mark in the kid's minds Finny the funny shark and Tim the Micronesian Shark Foundation Ranger had to appear on more frequent bases, at least 2 times a year.

While Finny & Tim the foundations shark ranger are volunteers, books and prizes for children are expensive and we need funding for these programs - if you wish to fund one of our activities please click here.

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