Bull Shark

Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a requiem shark and belongs to the family Carcharhinidae.

Size: average 2.25-2.4 meter (7.4-7.9 ft.), max. 4.0 meter (13.1 ft.)

Depth: shallow waters-150 meter (0-490 ft.)

Habitat: Offshore islands and coral reefs

Diet: Bony fish, small sharks, turtles, birds, dolphins, terrestrial mammals and stingrays

Reproduction: Viviparous, gestation period 12 months, 1-13 pups

Sexual maturity: around 1.75-2.35 meter (5.75-7.70 ft.); around 15-18 years of age

Bull Shark Palau
by Frankie Rivera-Ruiz
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